Candle Light Dinner in Bali

Soo happy to finally get to visit Bali! This place is like a temple for the couples wishing to add a little bit romance to their relationships. ❤️?? There are so many things for couples to do on Bali! Bali has incredible beaches, temples and a huge area of untouched nature! Couples can surf, jet ski and scuba dive together! Scuba diving can be a really interesting experience since there are many treasures to be found in the sea.


Walking down the vast and incredibly gorgeous beaches really meets couple goals. Not to mention that relaxing on the beach can also contribute towards the personal mental health.

The Uluwatu Temple is a must when visiting Bali! Watching the sunset from there can transport you to a whole new dimension. The peace and serenity combined with luxurious touch of the romantic Bali restaurants can easily spoil your mind. So far, our trip pampered us in so many ways!

about Our last night

Our last night in Bali was a very romantic candle light dinner at the beach. The perfect way how to round up this travel of our lifetime. Not only to mention the food that is super delicious in Bali and it was perfect Candle Light Dinner. Eating the overly delicious dessert with candles on an island beach will surely rise up to the top vacation memories!

I experienced so many unforgettable moments. I also learned so much about different cultures and religions of South East Asia. The kindness of Vietnamese people, the vibrance of Hong Kong and Singapore were a perfect refreshment. I was able to truly feel the spirit and energy, especially of Bali. I came home with the best news one can imagine, and what honeymoons are for.  However, life is sometimes about teaching though lessons! That will help us learn more to appreciate what we already have. ️?


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