Honeymoon in Bali

Last stop on our honeymoon was magical Bali. The Island of the Gods is rich of culture, temples and ceremonies. A diversified spot that releases peace and serenity. That’s why we have chosen Bali for celebrating our honeymoon and the Four Seasons Jimbaran was the best choice for that. ??✨

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Four Seasons resort in Bali

Wearing one of my fave bikinis at one of my fave places in the FS resort in Bali. This oasis is called the quiet pool and has a waterfall rising out of the infinity pool above. Was spending most of my time at this beautiful spot here! ????‍♀️

The sun’s energy is a powerful force. It inspires, it energizes and it renews. ☀️?✨And Bali is a very blessed place on earth where the sun shines every day. ☀️

The beauty of Bali, endless sand beaches, colorful sunsets, incredible nature and bars with a breathtaking view. ??⛰⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Dreamy sunsets at Ayana Rock Bar… couldn’t wish for more ✨??

Sometimes a rocky path leads to an incredible destination. ✨ everyone who has been to Nusa Penida before, knows what I’m talking about ?

Traveling is something we do for our soul. These memories will remain always with us. Visiting places like this, change the way of our thoughts, it even takes our breath away. This was exactly my reaction when seeing this beautiful spot. Although I really had to concentrate myself to focus on the beauty of nature, because of the crowds around, that were trying to reach the best shots, even bringing themselves in unsafe positions very close to the cliff. I think life is not about taking highly risks to fully embrace it, it is about taking care in all aspects of our lives that this beauty of nature still exists in the future. ✨??⠀⠀

f you ask me what I appreciate most of life, I would say it is the freedom of choice to create every day the life I want. ✨

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