Maxi dress on long summer nights

On breezy summer nights, I wear colourful maxi dresses, like the dress I’m wearing here. It’s actually a wrap dress with a long v-neck front, flattering around the waist perfectly! I got it already last summer and also can’t believe that it’s a high-street one! This was one of the evenings ended with a perfect sunset, you never want to end. That’s what summer nights are for! Sitting at the beach, watching the sunset and also enjoying the endless beauty of the sea! I enjoy these moments in our sailing vacations, making them last as lifetime memories. Sailing is so much more to me than a vacation. It means an adventure and every time when you’re on the boat something different happens, that you didn’t think about!
If you are looking for a maritime look for the day, make sure to check out my blog post about it!

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Maxi dress on

Usually we are going also on vacation for sailing. There I’m able to completely focus on one thing, free off my mind. The wind in the sails, the power of the current, the beauty of the endless ocean. Sailing is magnificent and also an exclusive experience, where you need only little for embracing the whole. You’re away from the first second. There’s no space for other thoughts than only having the wind under control. When you had the experience one time, you definitely also ought for more. That’s why I love sports with the natural element, the wind.

That’s a fact that people don’t really believe when they meet me first time. I would say I am way more natural and down to earth than it seems to be in pictures. When I am on holiday, at home or just around with my family, I’m never dressed up or wearing make up, I always prefer being natural. I also even hate it getting nails done – a part of me that makes me very un-lady-like. But that’s me! I have both of the faces in me- I love it to wear nice dresses and go out for a chic dinner or also on a nice event, but my life is not all about it. When I’m at home I’m having a very normal unsophisticated housewife job- cleaning, washing, cooking as every women needs to go after. But I love to do these things from the bottom of my heart for my family and I’m proud of what I have established already!

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