Outfit Inspiration: My go-to Office Look

go-to office looks

My creative Working Space

My day always starts with a Soy Latte Macchiato in front of my MacBook, taking a few minutes for myself thinking about what I want to achieve on that day. It is inevitable for me to have a big picture of my goals, that I want to realise in a certain time frame. I try to always start each and every day with a clean desk and I move all of the unnecessary clutter away, that could distract me from my work. This moment in the morning, on my desk with my fave cup of coffee when everything is still so quite and peaceful, is something I truly enjoy. By the way are you already familiar with what I’m doing? Read my full story on the About me site!

Every day has the chance to bring some tremendous change, and I want to always be ahead of what is happening. Feeling comfortable in my working space is something essential for me. That’s why it took me some reasonable amount of time to finalise it. My marble desk with golden legs is a very special table, I designed it myself. I was looking for some manufactures to produce it – and at the end it turned out perfectly as I imagined! For my other office furniture and decoration, I of course can’t stop buying at Westwing, I basically bought all of the decorations there! My Wishlist is still full of things, I definitely need! Working from home almost half of my time is sometimes hard, because you’re seeing other things to do in the house as well and there are more other things that could distract you from working. I just found this post about Working from home that explains this struggle pretty well and gives you some handy advices to follow: 3 Tips For Staying Focused While Working From Home on the blog „Barefootblonde“.

What I can’t live without

When someone would ask me what I can’t live without, it is in one word without any doubts, my MacBook. Once it was my dream for a long time, where I was saving all my money for. And then, when I was studying in my first semester, I finally had the money together to buy my first MacBook. I remember that feeling and the smile all over my face when opening the box with the MacBook in it. I think there was not a single day the past 10 years where I was not opening it. In the meantime I have of course not the same anymore, last year I invested in the new MacBook Pro, which has basically a super power. Don’t think that there are lots of girls out there who share that tech affinity, that I do. To me it is so special, because I only need two things to realise a big idea. My thoughts and my MackBook.

The second thing I can’t live without is my iPhone. My husband always used to call me „Apple Geek“ because I always know the newest features and updates. My other important working accessory is of course my working bag, I finally found the best bag to put all my work stuff into it, that works best for me. I’ll do a post about it soon! Currently on my desk is also Victoria Magrath’s book, „The New Fashion Rules“. I totally adore her style, her power and determination as well her blog „Inthefrow“. She is one of the powerful business women in Fashion, who inspire me and I look up to!

My go-to Office Look

And finally let’s talk about my fave office looks! I try to find looks that are not classy „suit-blouse-pumps-like“ but still business enough to be acceptable as office wear. For creating the perfect look, I generally mix some affordable with more qualitative / investment pieces. Thanks to high-street brands, I often find some great dupes of items that may take years of saving for. When it comes to bags and shoes, I invest in. Like the Jimmy Choo Romy Pumps, I’m wearing here. I got them for my Birthday around 1 1/2 years ago. And still the best and most comfortable Pumps I can recommend. I treat them very carefully so I have them a long time lasting! With trendy pieces, I always end up buying the high-street ones, because I know the investment pieces will last years on and of course I wear it also regularly.

Currently I tend to wear most of the time sneakers to work, which I couldn’t imagined two years ago! The chunky sneakers trend definitely changed my mind! My fave brands for working clothes are Max Mara, Massimo Dutti and of course Zara. Learn more about my style and my daily outfits when following me around!




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