Updating Jeans and a White Shirt

I normally never wear Jeans and Shirts, I’m too classy and elegant for that. As I was traveling to Soma Bay for a sporty week, I tried to not bring fancy flowing print dresses and sparkling glittery Tops with me. Otherwise I updated a simple white linen shirt with a Levi’s 501, with lots of chic accessories like my Gucci Belt, my Dior Chain Necklace and my blue Manolo Wedding shoes. I loved the look and will start wearing more Jeans now!

I was here for three things: Sun, Beach and Breeze. Can hardly believe that my high expectations were overachieved. Constantly seeking for new challenges where I need to go further to build new experiences, but I needed some time offline. Time off means for me doing something I don’t do during normal days. Usually we went sailing. I was able to completely focus on one thing, free off my mind. The wind in the sails, the power of the current, the beauty of the endless ocean. Sailing is magnificent and an exclusive experience, where you need only little for embracing the whole. You’re away from the first second. There’s no space for other thoughts than only having the wind under control. When you had the experience one time, you definitely ought for more. That’s why I love sports with the natural element, the wind. Now I had the chance to be even closer by only having one sail in my hand and one sailboard underneath my feet. Whoever tried windsurfing before, knows exactly that feeling of freedom when you’re surfing the first time on your own. I never felt so free and bounded with nature like in that moment. It was giving me such a satisfying feeling, adrenaline and positive energy, so that I felt in that moment, that I can conquer the world now. I missed those kind of moments the last weeks or months. After recovering from a great misfortune, it feels like there’s no power left for something new. All the energy was taken from the body, mind and especially the brain. Filling these empty spaces again with beautiful memories, positive thoughts and good vibes was my objective. I think it was a huge expectation for what I came here. And it is being overachieved. I’m so motivated now for the next steps and challenging times back home. But only because it was in my hands. I had the sails in my hand, the decision was on my side to embrace something new and stepping out of my comfort zone. That’s why I feel, that true magic happened here, and I would love to come back anytime.