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This look inspires you on what to wear your next vacation

Currently thinking of my next travel destinations! As I was spending my vacations the last years mostly in Mallorca and also we decided to start exploring more places around Europe! Therefore, our next destination will be Southern France in June and I can’t wait for it! This all over Max Mara Marine Look will be definitely in my luggage – it’s such a timeless combination, the striped cotton wool stretch pants are so comfortable and at the same time so chic! Without a doubt, the Marine Look is a true fashion classic! – It will perfectly depict the classic and also one of the most adored French looks! Check out my casual Look when on a sailing boat!

The best sushi

Also, one of my fave restaurants / bars in Mallorca is Mar de Nudos! The sushi there is the best and the fact that they offer both, Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine, additionally “spices up” the experience. Clearly, I simply adore the view to the Harbour and the Palma cathedral! Moreover, the way in which the Mar de Nudos’s luxury decorated terrace enables you comfort and a possibility to sense the marine odors, makes you feel that you are in an out-of-this-world place! Luxurious and very large yachts along with the bright and also colorful lights certainly enrich the sight and the experience!

Nautical Style with this Marine Look - Stripoed pants and Marine Blue Blazer

The cathedral of Santa Maria

Furthermore, the cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma or the “La Seu” represents an outstanding gothic architecture masterpiece completely built from gold sandstones. This building is a 14th century treasure!

Above all, City of Palma has a rich history and a very artsy character! It offers a pretty interesting cultural, gastronomic and traditional events. The various architectural styles, the contemporary art, the nightlife and the free spirited and trendy population really make this city one of the most desirable destinations!

In other words, simultaneously with the various entertaining and commodity contents, Palma has a very creative and chic fashion character! In short, make sure to check out my blog and the upcoming stories for all the links and outfit details!


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