What to wear for a Sailing Boat Trip

If you never stayed on an overnight boat trip in the Mediterranean Sea before, you should add this to your bucket list! It’s so exciting but at the same time relaxing, because you have to focus on organizing everything on a very small space! Obviously your clothes have to be comfortable and also functional. That’s what I usually go for jeans shorts and sweaters for the evening! Even in high summer, in the evenings there is also always a nice breeze on the sea. Besides my chic Marine Look, here is my favourite look for a sailing boat trip – and don’t forget the sailing shoes, you would need it when you seriously want to go on a sailing boat! Just need to book a boat here!

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The best idea was to leave to boat for an evening to watch the sunset from the shores. That’s not much what you need for this breathtaking experience besides your dinghy is blown-up and also working properly, we had a small leak and when we wanted to go back dinghy was full of water, so we decided to slowly paddle which was a very fun adventure! I was so glad that I also bought a waterproof bag before and didn’t forget to bring it with me.. But that’s what it’s all about, it never works everything out after a plan, there’s so many times happening something that distracts you from going down your path to fulfilling your dreams. It’s not that everybody else has a shiny perfect life and you not. Everyone has to fight for what they have and have achieved. So never stop dreaming and fighting for it!

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